Last day of HCI Program Seminar


Thank You… The University of San Diego!

This was my last day in the Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics from the University of San Diego. It was a very intense, challenging and fulfillment 2 years that started on the online program than I switch to the on campus to have the opportunity to increase my learn and professional experience during the residency. I met great people, mentors, leaders, and friends that I will keep in my memory as a role model as HIT professional and friends.

The seminar had the article discussion, the next steps for the capstones, and this time it was shorter because we had the end of the year celebration. A few months later I received a job offer to work as Healthcare Technology Consultant at Milliman in Seattle, and I had to move and complete my capstone paper thru email exchanges with Dr. Boone. She was great, very patient and dedicated to help me to complete my paper, poster, presentation, and e-portfolio while working at my new job.

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