Last day of HCI Program Seminar


Thank You... The University of San Diego!

This was my last day in the Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics from the University of San Diego. It was a very intense, challenging and fulfillment 2 years that started on the online program than I switch to the on campus to have the opportunity to increase my learn and professional experience during the residency. I met great people, mentors, leaders, and friends that I will keep in my memory as a role model as HIT professional and friends. The seminar had the article discussion, the next steps for the capstones, and this time it was shorter because we had the end of the year celebration. A few months later I received a job offer to work as Healthcare Technology Consultant at Milliman in Seattle, and I had to move and complete my capstone paper thru email exchanges with Dr. Boone. She was great, very patient and dedicated to help me to complete my paper, poster, presentation, and e-portfolio while working at my new job.

My last Semester in the MSHCI program

September 20, 2018 Oh My! This is the first seminar in the Fall 2018 and my last semester in the school. This Seminar was full of news any assignments that must be completed by the next seminar on October 18. The Faculty explained the deliverables and introduced the new professor that will be responsible for the residency. I need to complete my Project Proposal and my e-Portfolio with the information about my new residency at the California Correctional Health Care Services with Ms. Wehtahnah Tucker. We are working on her Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Project DME process improvement at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. I started just before I get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt by the University of San Diego during the Summer. The great news is that my project capstone will be part of the Residency project that I have been working on.

Last Seminar of Spring Semester

May 10, 2018 - The last seminar of the Spring semester we had the opportunity to discuss the next steps for the student that will continue on the program for the fall semester. However,  most of the students were ready to do capstone project presentation as Poster before their graduation. It was great to hear their experience and so I can get prepared to my turn in the fall of 2018.

Day one of Seminar – HCI 545

The first day of the seminar was very interesting, some of the students are graduating this semester and it was nice to hear about their experience and responsibilities for the last semester of Master in Health Care Informatics Program. Dr. Mack also explained about the next assignment, that includes an e-Portfolio. I have a ready website that could use but I decided to build a new one specific for HIT, and I will leave the for web developer portfolio.  Tony, the student that got a job at CA Correction  Department after his residency said that they are hiring and we should apply. I checked but they are hiring for Sacramento, CA and for me, would be hard to relocate at this moment.