California Correctional Health Care Services – My new Residency

My new residency now is at the California Correctional Health Care Services with Ms. Wehtahnah Tucker. We are working on her Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Project DME process improvement at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. I started just before I get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt by the University of San Diego during the Summer. The great news is that my project capstone will be part of the Residency project that I have been working on. I Officially started on 06/28/2018 when I went to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility to meet with Ms. Wehtahnah Tucker, get the laptop, sign the documents and start the assignments. In the first moment, we had the due date to August 31, 2018. However, because of the amount of data, and the challenge to collect and clean the data she was able to get an extension to complete the project by December 06, 2018. It is hard to calculate the exact amount of time because most of the work is remote and we just have a few meetings at RJD, USD or in Encinitas to discuss next steps. Sometimes during the weekend. Most of the work we do now during the Analysis Phase of DMAIC Six Sigma Project is with data preparation using Excel, Cerner PowerChart EHR, and Minitab. My Project Proposal   📑    

Residency at Rady Children’s Hospital

My report for the residency at Rady was not complete during my time at the internship because of misunderstanding. I didn't record all the days and I understood that It was necessary only a report about the residency development at the end of the semester. My first day was 02/28/2018 - reported (9 AM - 4 PM). On 03/07/2018 - I was volunteering at the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2018 conference in Las Vegas. Wed. 03/14/2018 - It was my second day at RCHSD. Larry, as usual, was very nice and receptive. He invited me to participate with other managers about the strategic planning for the new Database to be implemented. (10 Am - 4:30 PM) Wed. 03/21/2018 - I just stayed for a few hours because Larry had to leave early (10 AM - 13 PM). Wed. 03/28/2018 - Larry was out of the office in a conference. I was spending some time shading the Epic User Interface administrator. He was really good explaining the complicated work he does (10 AM -4 PM). Fri. 04/06/2018 - This was the first time I went Friday to the office.  It was even more quiet than usual. Most of the employees work remote. I spent some time learning to build apps using Qlik (9:30 AM - 4 PM). Wed. 04/11/2018 - Larry was back and I went for some meetings with him. I also was working with Qlik Sense Dashboard (10 AM - 5 PM) Wed. 04/18/2018 - It was a very quiet day and I was shading the Data analyst most of the time or working Qlik (10 AM - 4 PM) Wed. 04/25/2018 - This week I could not go because of transportation issues. Wed. 05/09/2018 - I just went for the morning because I had to meet with my group to finish our project (last week of the spring) (10 AM - 13 PM). Fri. 05/25/2018 - It was my last day at Rady as Resident. I was going to complete my residency now at California Correctional Health Care Services to work on Six Sigma Project. One of my assignments during the Residency at RCHSD  📑    

The First Day at Rady Children Hospital

My first day at Rady was great. I was anxious about how would be, but Larry, my preceptor and the Data Manager of the Data Service department of the hospital was really nice. He explains very well and using the whiteboard how the department works and what is included. The Data Service has database developers and administrators, data analyst, report, web developers, application developers, and interface application professionals. About 30% of the professional works remotely and the rest have an option to be remote at least once a week if desired. Most of IT professionals know how to work in more than one station if needed. They are very busy and carry a lot of responsibility with all the data from the Hospital. Larry also explains how the database is set. The EHR used is EPIC and data comes as cache file, after ETL, the data is saved in the Clarity (Oracle Database). Now the data is parsed into a new database (MS SQL) where becomes more organized. After the amazing explanation, I shadow the Data Analyst responsible for the data from the applications. I started to learn more about Qlik, a dashboard software that does incredible analytics views and applications.  That was a great experience and happy to be part of the Data Service Team from Rady Children Hospital.