The First Day at Rady Children Hospital

My first day at Rady was great. I was anxious about how would be, but Larry, my preceptor and the Data Manager of the Data Service department of the hospital was really nice. He explains very well and using the whiteboard how the department works and what is included. The Data Service has database developers and administrators, data analyst, report, web developers, application developers, and interface application professionals. About 30% of the professional works remotely and the rest have an option to be remote at least once a week if desired. Most of IT professionals know how to work in more than one station if needed. They are very busy and carry a lot of responsibility with all the data from the Hospital. Larry also explains how the database is set. The EHR used is EPIC and data comes as cache file, after ETL, the data is saved in the Clarity (Oracle Database). Now the data is parsed into a new database (MS SQL) where becomes more organized. After the amazing explanation, I shadow the Data Analyst responsible for the data from the applications. I started to learn more about Qlik, a dashboard software that does incredible analytics views and applications.  That was a great experience and happy to be part of the Data Service Team from Rady Children Hospital.